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B.S., Engineering Science, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
B.S., Applied Mathematics (concentration in Astronautical Engineering), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
M.S., Technical Management, West Coast University, Los Angeles, CA


Mr. Simberg has been a project manager and technical supervisor in space systems and space systems engineering with over thirty-five years of experience on NASA and DoD for major aerospace contractors, including new business development, and private entrepreneurial space programs, manned and unmanned.

Mr. Simberg has been a project manager in Internet security, with two over decades of programming experience in UNIX and Windows-based systems.

He has also been an entrepreneur for the past two decades, developing business plans and providing consulting in business plan development, space policy and lobbying, regulatory advice, and project management.

He is a published writer and technical editor of space-policy related articles for the past twenty years, and author of a recent book on risk aversion in human spaceflight.


Space systems engineering and architecture analyses- Conduct trade studies on space systems and space architectures using established algorithms and tools such as Rational Rose, including development of evaluation criteria via quantitative parameters and non-quantitative figures of merit via means such as analytical hierarchy process. Also general systems engineering, including software requirements and systems, and requirements validation and verification.

Space systems performance analyses - Assess performance capability of ascent and space-based vehicles, using numerical integration trajectory tools, and simple formulas for impulsive maneuvers.

Risk Analysis And Safety -- Conduct PRAs, task analyses/ergonomics, FEMA

Project Management - Utilize Microsoft Project or simpler spreadsheets to plan, track and control technical projects in space and information system development.

Writing, Technical Editing - Write and edit technical reports, write on complex technical subjects for lay audiences with minimal editing required, develop and support development of page-limited technical proposals. Types sixty words a minute.

Computer Codes - Experienced in using all types of computer codes for general modeling, preparing and executing spreadsheets for modeling and data analyses. Familiar with several computer languages, unstructured (simple BASIC or ancient FORTRAN), structured (Pascal, C, Perl, UNIX shell script) and object-oriented (C++, Perl 5, Java). Experienced in web page development using HTML, and CGI programming using Perl scripting. Helped implement early versions of Virtual Private Networking in support of highly secure networks.


Interglobal Space Lines, Inc., President (1993- 2013), Interglobal Media LLC, President (2013-Present)

Mr. Simberg is the President of the company providing consulting services in space system and business analyses, information technology management, and web site development.

In the IT area, he helped implement early versions of Virtual Private Networking in support of highly-secure networks, developed back-end scripts for on-line shopping sites and automatic catalog and part-number generation for a microwave switch manufacturer.

In space consulting Mr. Simberg supported Rockwell (now Boeing) on the X-34B proposal, provided an assessment of the prospects for near-term space tourism for the Sophron Foundation, provided systems engineering support to Phase 1 program of RASCAL for Pioneer Rocketplane, as well as proposal support on Phase II, supported Boeing on development of the systems analysis document for the Orbital Space Plane program, and Crew Exploration Vehicle Phase II. He provided support in systems engineering to Millennium Space, a smallsat company in Torrance, CA. Most recently, he supported Alaska Aerospace Corporation in developing new business for the Kodiak Launch Complex. Since 2011, he has been an adjunct scholar for space policy with the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC. In that capacity, he recently published an analysis of off-planet property rights under the Outer Space Treaty.

ARES Corporation, Project Manager, Torrance, California (2004 – 2008)

Mr. Simberg was a Project Manager and Senior Consultant performing systems engineering, systems architecture, and technology risk mitigation analyses and management services for NASA and commercial space programs. Specifically, he developed a technology risk mitigation report for the Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter project, has supported exploration architecture analyses for the Boeing Company under the CE&R contract, and provided systems engineering support, in trades and analyses, to the Northrop Grumman/Boeing team on the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) program. He also provided support to Orbital Science Corporation in schedule assessment, requirements verification, and safety and mission assurance for the Orion Launch Abort System.

Rockwell International Space Systems Division (1982-1993)

Mr. Simberg performed ascent performance analyses of the Space Shuttle and performed assessments of off-design Shuttle missions (e.g., low-inclination out of Vandenberg). He developed initial system requirements for the Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle program, analyzed innovative means of utilizing cryogenic stages in the Shuttle payload bay, and performed architecture analyses for the original Space Transportation Architecture Study (STAS), including the oversight of development of automated payload manifesting tools. Mr. Simberg also managed STAS study in its final phases and closed it out with final report, provided analyses on potential applications studies for the National Aerospace Plane (NASP) program, both civil and military, and supervised of a team of space systems engineers and mission analysts, overseeing Space Exploration Initiative activities. Mr. Simberg was a project manager for Rockwell solar power satellite studies in the early nineties and a program manager for Space Station Evolution task order contract out of NASA Langley, including managing and winning proposal.

Aerospace Corporation (1980-1982)

Mr. Simberg modeled and analyzed Shuttle orbiter attitude in gravity gradient mode including atmospheric effects. He performed analyses of GPS constellations to determine optimal constellation build strategy to provide maximum coverage at each stage of buildup. Mr. Simberg also analyzed potential storage orbits for spare national security assets and assessed potential technologies for military man-in-space.


DOD Secret, Inactive since 1993


Author, Safe Is Not An Option: Overcoming The Futile Obsession With Getting Everyone Back Alive That Is Killing Our Expansion Into Space (Interglobal Media LLC, 2014)

Editor, The Space Activists' Handbook (1988, 1999, 1990)

Many weekly Fox News columns on space policy and technology, as well as occasional articles at National Review. TCSDaily, PJMedia, AOL Online, Popular Mechanics, USA Today and others (available via Google). Also, major space policy essays at The New Atlantis in the fall of 2004: The Path Not Taken, and summer of 2009, A Space Program for the Rest of Us, and others.